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EEX Group joins #We4Europe initiative

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EEX Group has joined the #We4Europe business initiative making a stand against Euroscepticism and for the European Union. 

#We4Europe is an association of companies operating internationally and pursuing the aim of highlighting the advantages of the European Union. The initiative was founded by Peter Terium, Chief Executive Officer of Innogy and former CEO of RWE. Together with Deutsche Börse Group and another 18 renowned German companies, EEX Group advocates a united and strong Europe with this commitment.

Against the background of increasing scepticism and a crisis of confidence in the European Union, nine companies published a statement on the #We4Europe initiative on 5th May 2017. The initiative’s partner companies emphasise the advantages which the economic and political conditions in the EU provide and make a public stand for it. EEX Group is proud to join this positive commitment to the future of the European Union.

“Europe is the basis for our success story. With a team of 500 employees in 16 countries, we operate throughout Europe as well as globally,” explains Peter Reitz (pictured), Chief Executive Officer of EEX. “There certainly are many critical issues which need to be addressed openly. However, the advantages of the European Union clearly outweigh these. Therefore, we need to provide information and raise awareness.”

The #We4Europe initiative pursues the aim of informing the public of the advantages of the European Union since these are often forgotten or taken for granted. This is intended to counter the increasing scepticism towards the EU. The companies taking part use the hashtag #We4Europe for their communication.

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