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EEX Natural Gas Spot markets reach a new high in first half year 2021

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The European Energy Exchange (EEX) reported a new record volume on its European Gas Spot markets in first half 2021 with 860.3 TWh traded, up 20 per cent compared to the same period last year (H1 2020: 718.5 TWh). This performance was driven by unprecedented volumes on the German NCG (+40 per cent to 177.3 TWh) and GASPOOL market areas (+32 per cent to 117.0 TWh) as well as on the French PEG hub (+29 per cent to 99.3 TWh). The French hub has been growing every month, boosted by a strong demand in France. 

The Austrian CEGH VTP and Czech VTP markets have been significantly bullish in first half of 2021: The Austrian gas hub reported a new high to 59.3 TWh, up 38 per cent compared to 2020 (H1 2020: 42.9 TWh), while the Czech market more than doubled its traded volume to 7.3 TWh (H1 2020: 3.6 TWh). 
Steffen Köhler, EEX Chief Operating Officer, comments: “I am excited to see that we confirmed our leading position in European gas spot trading during the first half year, building liquidity and gaining market shares in strategic markets areas like Austria and the Netherlands. These results enable us to provide our customers with even more robust, credible and reliable indices like the European Gas Spot Index (EGSI), which our Financial Gas contracts are cash-settled against.” 
EEX launched Financial Gas futures on 28th June, raising a strong interest across the European markets and attracting players from the traditional Gas trading community and financial companies. 

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