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EPEX SPOT markets hit record high in December 2020

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The European Power Spot markets operated by EPEX SPOT reported a new high of 55.8 TWh in ecember 2020, beating the previous volume record set in March 2019 (54.8 TWh). The increase was driven by both the Day-Ahead (45.7 TWh) and Intraday (10.1 TWh) markets, which respectively rose by 2 per cent and 11 per cent compared to December 2019.

During the month, the Austrian, Belgian and Swiss Day-Ahead markets registered strong growth rates with +11 per cent, +17 per cent and +12 per cent respectively, while the French Intraday market registered a new monthly record with 1.1 TWh traded in December 2020.

On the European Power Derivatives market, the total volume increased by 11 per cent to 400.5 TWh. While the German, French, Italian, Hungarian and Spanish Power Futures contributed the largest volume in absolute terms, the Belgian, UK and Nordic Power Futures reported major growth rates with +377 per cent, +448 per cent and 217 per cent against December 2019.

Japanese Power Derivatives rounded off 2020 with a total monthly traded volume of 108.5 GWh.

The European Gas Spot market increased by 18 per cent to 142.1 TWh which is the second highest volume (highest volume: 149.3 TWh in May 2019). This excellent result was driven by records on the German NCG, the French PEG and the German GASPOOL market areas, which recorded 29.6 TWh, 17.5 TWh and 20.3 TWh, respectively.

In Gas Derivatives, the Austrian CEGH (7.7 TWh), German NCG (4.4 TWh) and Italian PSV markets (1.1 TWh) all recorded triple-digit growth.

On the CEGH Czech Gas Market, Spot and Derivatives volumes amounted to 2.4 TWh in December, beating the previous record set one month before (previous record in November 2020: 1.4 TWh).

The total volume on the European Emissions markets rose by 50 per cent and finished the December with significant increases in both Spot and Futures. While the Emissions Spot market volumes increased by 21 per cent, the Futures markets reported an impressive 89 per cent volume increase as against December 2019.

The EEX Freight markets achieved an overall increase of 225 per cent to 50,132 lots traded in December (December 2019: 15,436 lots).

In Freight Options, volumes increased by 273 per cent to 7,275 lots (December 2019: 1,950 lots), while EEX Freight Futures rose to 42,857 lots traded, representing a 218 per cent growth compared to the same period last year (13,486 lots).

In December 2020, the Agricultural products of EEX rose by 29 per cent to 2,570 contracts driven by European Dairy Futures, which more than tripled to 1,391 contracts (December 2019: 412 contracts).

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