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Equivito partners with Ablrate to create blockchain private debt trading platform

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Equitivo is partnering with Ablrate, a specialist asset backed lending marketplace, to accelerate its growth, launch a new integrated broker platform, expand its marketing and develop new products.

The consultancy work will also assist in Ablrate’s progress of ASMX, a blockchain enabled secondary market which connects multiple platforms and investors in one portal, to integrate Ablrate and its white label partner Huddle Capital. This will create the worlds’ first blockchain based platform for trading private debt globally. 
Equitivo is a specialist fintech consultancy with international capabilities and a broad range of consultancy services. Already working with more than ten fintech businesses, the company works with platforms on strategy, operations and performance.
Andrew Holgate, CEO of Equitivo, says: “Ablrate has already achieved great success, and we will be helping them take their loan book from GBP2 million per month to GBP20 million. Equitivo will be taking an active role in helping the company prepare its loan book management for scale as well as implementing technology, operational and performance strategies. In the longer term we will also consult on institutional funding markets to further support its growth.”
Ablrate’s CEO David Bradley-Ward, says: “Equitivo offers the wide range of skills we need to grow Ablrate and achieve our high target levels. After four years of growing revenue from nothing to GBP1.7 million and reaching profitability, we have dedicated this year to scaling the business. By bringing in a dedicated consultancy which has a successful track record in growing P2P businesses, it is a logical way to achieve our goals quicker. In our fast growing industry, there aren’t too many consultancies offering fintech services backed by a strong and successful track record.”
Holgate adds: “Blockchain has the possibility to offer interesting solutions to many financial market problems. One such issue is that of investors using multiple platforms with multiple different systems and login criteria. We will be working on implementing a standardised way, using blockchain, as a solution and to manage transactions easily and securely.” 
“With ASMX, one of the issues for investors is the numerous platforms all have their own logins and market places.  This makes it hard for investors to keep track of developments and compare products. We are helping ASMX to become the key to unlocking this problem.”
Ablrate is currently raising a minimum of GBP350,000 on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube.

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