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EQUOS launches ether perpetual futures

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EQUOS, Diginex’s institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange, has launched ether (ETH) Perpetual Futures (ETH/USDC[F]), to provide investors with the opportunity to trade and hedge in all market conditions.

This launch follows the EQUOS’ Bitcoin Perpetual Futures (BTC/USDC [F]), which was introduced to EQUOS customers in early January. It is part of the continuing roadmap for EQUOS in its mission to create the industry-leading derivatives trading venue, for both institutional and individual investors.

The EQUOS ETH Perpetual Future is designed to allow professional traders and institutional investors to take a directional position on ETH using USDC as collateral, in an environment that is fair and transparent. EQUOS does not market make on its own exchange: prices and liquidity are provided by independent market makers only, ensuring equal visibility of the orderbook for all traders, and allowing EQUOS to oversee all the activity on its platform. 

Similar to the BTC Perpetual Future offered by EQUOS, the new ETH Perpetual Future will also be underpinned by a Liquidation Platform, with pricing, liquidity and depth provided by independent market makers. This design also allows for excess funds to be retained by the account holder, if liquidations take place above the Zero price, net of fees.

Ether (ETH) is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation and is the native token of the Ethereum network, which is designed for smart contracts and decentralised applications. ETH primarily serves as a means of payment for transaction fees and has recently become popular as a form of collateral for borrowing specific ERC-20 tokens in the decentralised finance sector. 

Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex, says: “Derivatives, such as perpetual futures, play a key role in the strategies of institutional investors and are the preferred choice for many institutions when it comes to accessing cryptocurrencies. As such, they are pivotal in the growth of the digital asset class. We continue to add product to the platform allowing us to become a one stop shop for digital assets for our client base. We are dedicated to driving the rapid advancement and professionalisation of the cryptocurrency derivatives market.”

Neil Sheppard, COO Financial Services at Diginex, adds: “We have witnessed a significant surge in interest in derivative products in recent months, with perpetual contracts being sought out by investors for convenient macro position taking, as well as for risk management purposes. We are raising the bar for governance in crypto derivatives, by offering a trusted and compliant ecosystem which operates in the best interests of its clients.”

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