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Eric Sturdza Investments launches Strategic Long Short Fund

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Eric Sturdza Investments, an independent asset management firm that provides actively managed strategies to institutional and wholesale clients, has partnered with Boston-based Crawford Fund Management to launch the Strategic Long Short Fund.

The Strategic Long Short Fund is a long-short equity fund that benefits from a unique combination of fundamental equity analysis and options analysis.
The fund’s long portfolio focuses on ‘undiscovered, underfollowed’ securities with a strong emphasis on owner-operated companies, where management’s incentives and compensation are closely aligned with investors. The short book relies on two well-honed strategies: hand-picked, single-name put options on young companies with unproven business models, and leveraged equities facing potential distress.
The fund is actively managed by investment industry veterans Christopher Crawford, Scott Utzinger and Jonathan Saunders, who founded Crawford Fund Management in March 2009.
Collectively, the team has extensive experience managing large multi-billion dollar pools of capital across a range of market cycles, and a demonstrated track record of achieving positive returns to investors. Since inception in 2009, the team’s domestic US product has delivered 10% annualised net returns, being positive in 12 of the past 13 years, and it has consistently outpaced surviving hedged equity fund peers.
The Strategic Long Short Fund is a UCITS-compatible fund and classified as an article 8 Fund under the SFDR.
The fund will be initially available for distribution in Ireland, with other markets, including the UK, to follow soon. The Initial Offering Period (IOP) does not commence until 1 November 2022.

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