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Euronext sees record trading volumes in CAC40 Mini Futures

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Trading in Euronext’s CAC40 Mini Futures achieved record daily and weekly volumes last week with a total of 8427 contracts traded during the week of 15 June. On 18 June a new total daily volume record was reached with 3189 contracts traded.

CAC40 Mini Futures are part of Euronext’s Mini Index Derivatives franchise on its flagship indices. Mini Index Derivatives are exactly the same as the standard index derivatives, only the contract size is 10 times smaller. This provides investors with the opportunity to trade European blue chip index derivatives with a smaller investment: paying less for options and depositing lower margins for futures. Euronext’s Mini Index Derivatives franchise also includes mini options and futures on the AEX-Index.
Lee Hodgkinson, Head of Markets and Global Sales at Euronext, says: “Through their lower contract sizes, mini index derivatives provide retail investors with the advantages of simple and cost efficient access to the world of futures and options. The increasing interest in these products is further proof that our expanded product offering is aligned with the needs of the end user”. 

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