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Exablaze and Algo-Logic partner to deliver ultra-low latency trading solutions

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Exablaze, a provider of ultra-low latency network devices is partnering with Algo-Logic Systems, a specialist in Gateware Defined Networking (GDN). 

Both firms service financial institution clients in trading and HFT, which include investment banks and exchanges trading multiple asset classes. The two firms share expertise in delivering advanced, ultra-low latency, deterministic solutions to financial markets and clients will quickly benefit from this partnership, with Exablaze hardware devices running Algo-Logic’s Gateware.
Exablaze FPGA-based network cards and switches come with a development kit, which allows clients to customise the network processing functions on the devices, including the development of trading, analytics and risk management systems. This provides flexibility to traders but requires knowledge of complex hardware programming. For financial institutions which don’t wish to do their own development, Algo-Logic has the expertise to provide pre-built, high-performance, FPGA-accelerated trading systems.
The partnership will add exceptional value to end clients, with Algo-Logic clients benefitting from new designs based on Exablaze’s high-performance hardware products. At the same time, Exablaze’s clients will have access to more powerful and comprehensive pre-built trading applications that deliver excellent benefits, without requiring trading companies to build or expand their own teams to implement the algorithms in FPGA logic.
Dr. Matthew Grosvenor, Vice President of Technology at Exablaze, says: “We are delighted to enter into this partnership and to see the hugely positive impact it will have on the businesses that utilise our respective expertise. Algo-Logic is an excellent choice of partner because of their expertise in developing FPGA-based, ultra-low latency trading applications.”
Grosvenor added: “The partnership came about as something of a natural evolution, with one of our clients approaching Algo-Logic, requesting to run its applications on Exablaze platforms. This client’s very positive experience led to them recommending Exablaze to one of their clients and this eventually led us to working together.”
John Lockwood, CEO of Algo-Logic, says: “Exablaze has a market-leading range of platforms, which offer many of the features we look for in an FPGA platform to support our current implementations and to give us the elements we need for our innovative future products. The strong cooperation between Algo-Logic and Exablaze provides trading companies with the lowest latency with a rapid time-to-market.”

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