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Eze Castle Integration launches distributed workforce transformation services

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Eze Castle Integration has launched Distributed Workforce Transformation Services to provide clients strategic planning, assessments and technology advisory services that deliver immediate advancements and future proof business operations. Covid-19 has altered the way businesses operate and started organisations on the path of digital transformation, yet most companies lack a true strategy that addresses security, employee connections and long-term business success. In fact, the rapid transition to work from home models has created significant security gaps and compliance deficiencies for financial organisations. Eze Castle’s Distributed Workforce Transformation Services address these challenges and provide a proven path forward through current state assessments, strategy, planning and implementation services.

Businesses can turn to Eze Castle’s Distributed Workforce Transformation Services for supportWorkforce Transformation in:

• Conducting a work from home assessment as well as security and compliance assessment to identify immediate gaps and create a resolution plan

• Analysing the core infrastructure with a focus on securely supporting remote employees 

• Building a business aligned IT strategy for a distributed workforce that enables true employee collaboration, connection and productivity

• Identifying applications and technology solutions that support office transformation, including hot desking and VDI

• Prioritising, budgeting, planning and executing technology implementations

“As firms rapidly adapted to a work from home workforce, many implemented new technologies without thorough planning, diligence and monitoring. This rush to the edge presents potentially significant security and compliance issues and concurrently creates opportunity to drive true digital transformation forward,” says Rich Itri, SVP of CIO Advisory Services, Eze Castle Integration. “Eze Castle’s Workforce Transformation Services addresses these challenges and opportunities directly through historical assessments and future transformation planning.”

To demonstrate the risks present in the current remote work environments, Eze Castle Integration recently published Rush to the Edge: A Guide to Remote Risk Mitigation. The whitepaper highlights salient business risks and potential compliance issues that financial services firms need to consider as organisations have evolved into a remote work environment and close the gaps that may exist from “Rushing to the Edge” of the network. 

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