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Eze Software Group integrates its EMS and OMS

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Eze Software Group has integrated its execution management system (EMS) with its order management system (OMS), combining critical trading and compliance workflows across its front-to-back product suite.

With this latest development, users can benefit from the advanced trading tools available in RealTick EMS while also taking advantage of important Eze OMS features such as fully integrated compliance, position checking, and automated allocations.
With the introduction of advanced compliance features into RealTick MS, pre-trade compliance checks now run seamlessly in the EMS at trade entry and throughout the trading life cycle. This provides clients with a more holistic pre-, intra-, and post-trade compliance process, enabling them to address compliance alerts as early as possible. An intelligent security master integration ensures real-time synchronisation of security data between the two systems and that compliance is run against the required data points for new orders. These key integration points eliminate the need to swivel between Eze OMS and RealTick EMS to take advantage of the benefits of both applications.
“This is an exciting achievement for our team. A key goal for us in 2014 has been to better integrate the workflows and feature sets across our three best-of-breed product lines. We have made significant investments to deliver on that goal, increasing spending on research and development by more than 25%,” says Pete Sinisgalli, chief executive officer of Eze Software Group. ”This is another key milestone on our journey toward a fully unified front-to-back office platform.”
“With this integration we are combining critical features from the OMS and EMS into a single, streamlined front-office workflow. Traders can now originate an order in the EMS while still leveraging the robust compliance functionality of the OMS,” says Rob Keller, CFA, executive managing director of product management and development at Eze Software Group. “With this solution, we’re able to offer clients more intuitive and efficient workflows across the investment lifecycle with the benefits of critical features from both our OMS and EMS.”

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