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FeedStock teams with IHS Markit

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FeedStock, a provider of integrated interaction tracking and analytics software, is partnering with IHS Markit to provide an end-to-end investment research tracking, evaluation and analysis and payments tool for clients in fund management.

This alliance will see the delivery of a comprehensive solution that satisfies the buy-side’s need to accurately track, evaluate and pay for research, while managing inducements and trials, as required by MiFID II. Unlike other solutions requiring manual work and reconciliation of sell-side data, FeedStock’s tracking system is fully automated and independent.
Using the latest in AI and machine learning, FeedStock filters, tracks and classifies investment research-related activities and interactions across business applications and tools such as email, browsers, calendar and research platforms; invisibly. IHS Markit feeds this accurate, consistent and independent interaction data into their Evaluation and RPA Manager services, enabling clients to evaluate their research and execution partners as well as budget and pay for research in a way that adheres to MiFID II requirements.
FeedStock and IHS Markit’s collaboration will help reduce the bureaucratic burden of compliance by automating many of the processes currently being done manually at the expense of productivity and at risk of being inaccurate, inconsistent and costly.
“FeedStock only works with market leaders with services and products that complement and expand our core offering. As such, we are delighted to announce that we will be working with IHS Markit, enabling us to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution that enhances workflow while ensuring regulatory compliance,” says Lucas Wurfbain, Managing Director, FeedStock.
“We are excited to be working with FeedStock to help investment firms manage their research relationships more effectively and provide integrated tools to support compliance programs required by MiFID II. Data from Feedstock are natural complements to our tools for evaluating research and administering research payments under MiFID,” says John Halloran (pictured), Executive Director, IHS Markit.

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