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FIS: Best Risk Management Software

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Why do you feel you were chosen as the winner of Best Risk Management Software? 

Why do you feel you were chosen as the winner of Best Risk Management Software? 

FIS Cross Asset Trading and Risk Platform is a single, modernised platform, available installed or cloud-based. It provides a real-time understanding of your risk. A top-flight risk management solution requires expertise in several challenging respects: a wide range of sophisticated models to provide true cross-asset coverage; a real-time architecture to ensure that key exposures are identified and acted upon the moment they arise; and a flexible integration and extension capability to ensure that the unique perspectives of your traders, portfolio managers and risk managers are not constrained by closed or inflexible systems. FIS’ Cross-Asset Trading and Risk Platform excels in all three areas, and provides a flexible workflow and compliance framework over the top. That way, clients’ risks are always understood and controlled, and their business processes are managed exactly as they need them. The platform provides risk controls, including real-time PnL, so clients can understand your exposure quickly.  

How have you overcome the challenges of the last 18 months? 

FIS’ expertise and resources have allowed the firm to take a proactive approach to the pandemic, rather than a reactive one. 95 per cent of our 55,000 workforce was converted to remote work within a matter of weeks, which allowed our clients to turn to us not only for additional manpower, but also for guidance and thought leadership on how to manage such an unprecedented disruption to our daily routines. That speed of action and scale of response allowed our clients to function on their key strategic initiatives, while knowing that the running of their daily operations was in good hands with FIS. 

 What lessons have you learned? 

We learned that successful organisations will find ways to adapt and challenge existing norms in order to thrive during periods of extreme upheaval. We were surprised at how swiftly and completely many of our clients embraced our managed services offerings. 

 What key trends are you currently witnessing in this space? 

Vendor/system consolidation and cloud migration are the two hottest trends we see in our space. Clients want fewer systems, integration points and streamlined technology stacks with scalable, on-demand cloud capacity. They also want to work with fewer strategic suppliers. Companies who offer the broadest range of solutions and services are best equipped to help their clients grow assets and reduce costs in the long-term.  

What services are your clients currently asking for? 

Clients are increasingly preferring managed risk services over software applications, leverage expertise and solutions. They are looking to obtain a complete service offering from their vendors, rather than installed point solutions. Some firms find multiple vendor management a challenge, so choosing a single provider who can support their infrastructure and supplement their in-house teams is increasingly important. 

Are you developing any new products and services in response to these requirements? 

We are launching additional managed services offerings in 2022, all focused on allowing clients to concentrate on their core competencies and outsourcing commoditised functions to strategic partners. 

How do you feel the landscape will develop over the next 1-2 years? 

Vendors with the broadest capabilities and those who embrace managed services, keep pace with modernising technology and invest in their solutions will continue to distance themselves from tactical or point solutions. 

Chris Burnham, Director, Cross-Asset Trading and Risk business, FIS
Chris Burnham is responsible for a specialised team within FIS’ Cross-Asset Trading and Risk (CATR) group, serving the global hedge funds, convertible bond and equity-linked markets. Burnham has worked with the world’s leading investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers and service providers for twenty years across roles in sales, delivery, product and general management. Burnham leads the team to help clients raise capital, trade efficiently, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, generate investment returns and manage risk.

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