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FIX Flyer integrates ZeroGC, Groovy, Java 8 and Latency Dashboard into upgraded product suite

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FIX Flyer, a provider of electronic trading software to financial firms and the global capital markets, has integrated ZeroGC into its offering, which is designed to eliminate performance spikes while reducing overall latency. 

ZeroGC is the result of two years of research and development with partners and clients. FIX Flyer has also achieved full certification of Java 8, which offers significant performance and security features over previous versions.
In addition to optimising performance, this latest release introduces powerful new tools for the developer.  New storage and processing modules are available that include high performance message storage and the use of Groovy to allow rapid scripting of transformation and routing for complex order messaging. Using these features FIX Flyer tools have been used to build complex IOI and Trade Advertisement systems, OTC derivative normalisation and allocation management tools.
The new FIX software suite also includes a new Metrics Platform and important updates to the FIX certification and regression test software. The Metrics Platform features a Latency Dashboard for visualization of configurable latency metrics across your FIX network.  Along with the visual screens are a compliment of new definable Alerts that can be used to proactively monitor spikes and delays in trading volume and order flow, allowing users to better tune trading strategies and better monitor client flow.
Randy Prager (pictured), CTO of FIX Flyer, says: "We have taken advantage of new technology to deliver more power & flexibility to programmers while pushing the envelope of performance gains for all users of our platform."
"Investment in the development of our products is paramount at FIX Flyer, not only because we make a commitment to our software clients but because we use our software to power the Flyer Trading Network and our FIX-as-a-Service offering", adds Brian Ross, CEO.

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