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Former Alpha Titans duo form Evolved Alpha

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Jesse Redmond and Justin Pawl, the former co-portfolio managers of the Alpha Titans Funds, have partnered with a previous Forbes 400 family office president to form Evolved Alpha. 

Evolved Alpha is a multi-strategy fund that provides investors with transparent, liquid and secure access to a portfolio of uncorrelated alpha-return strategies.
The new business leverages the founders’ experience gained while researching top multi-strategy managers over the past several years. 

“We always appreciated the diversification, sophisticated risk management and nimbleness of multi-strategy funds such as Millennium and SAC, yet realised the limitations in recruiting and retaining top talent to trade in-house,” says Redmond. 

“In the aftermath of 2008, investors rightfully expressed concerns about the liquidity and opaqueness of hedge funds. Evolved Alpha specifically addresses these concerns by providing a solution that offers structural, strategy and risk management advantages relative to traditional multi-manager portfolios,” adds Pawl.
Evolved Alpha has selected Morgan Stanley as the lead prime broker and is trading a portfolio of over 3,000 global securities with an emphasis on equities, futures and currencies. 

All positions are aggregated daily and processed in a risk management platform to estimate portfolio level risks such as gross and net exposures, VAR, as well as concentrations and correlations on a strategy and position level. 
Evolved Alpha is available in a flagship multi-strategy share class offered at two levels of aggressiveness, as well as equity or futures only share classes.  All investors benefit from monthly liquidity, no lock ups or gates, along with weekly performance estimates and risk reports.

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