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FSMLabs launches TimeKeeper Cloud on AWS Marketplace

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FSMLabs’s TimeKeeper Cloud is now available on AWS Marketplace. 

FSMLabs provides customers using TimeKeeper Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) improved efficiency, scalability, and cost effectiveness for financial trading, gaming, and database applications hosted in the AWS cloud.
Challenges with cost and scalability are forcing financial trading firms to consider cloud technology, and legacy time synchronisation solutions fail to meet client requirements while it is common to see computing resources deviate from reference time by minutes per day.
FSMLabs’ TimeKeeper Cloud delivers a reliable, accurate, and auditable time synchronisation solution in a cloud-based environment solving complex time synchronisation challenges and empowering cloud infrastructure to handle big data analytics more accurately.
TimeKeeper Cloud will synchronise a collection of cloud computing resources to one another and to an external time source. TimeKeeper’s proprietary, multiple time source technology provides cross check and failover. Virtual clusters can be cross connected for accuracy. Sub-millisecond precision is easily achieved with minimal configuration and no installation overhead.  Users can set and cross-check time and scale usage rapidly based on current computing requirements – when demand increases or decreases – to better manage capital exposure. TimeKeeper Cloud also produces a detailed traceable log that is essential to financial services customers both for due diligence and as forensic data. The traceable log is also useful to many classes of transaction system customers for data analysis.
“Legacy synchronisation technology degrades radically in cloud environments, which makes managing the operating cost of certain computing applications difficult, if not impossible,” says Victor Yodaiken, president of FSMLabs. “TimeKeeper Cloud solves this problem and allows us to bring our clients an end-to-end solution, no matter how they process their business. Sub-millisecond time synchronisation is now easily available in AWS Marketplace, allowing our customers to complement the sub-microsecond time synchronisation available on dedicated resources. TimeKeeper also offers a technology path for pushing synchronisation accuracy in the cloud that will align with evolving customer requirements. There is an immediate need for this capability from our financial trading customers, but time synchronisation opens the cloud environment to many other sorts of business applications as well.”
“We’re pleased to welcome FSMLabs to AWS Marketplace as they debut their cloud-based offering,” says Terry Hanold, vice president, cloud commerce, Amazon Web Services. “We’re excited about the new AWS Marketplace Financial Services category, and love adding high-quality partners and products to our selection.”

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