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Glue42 and LodeStar Ecosystems form partnership

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Glue42, a provider of integrated desktop solutions to financial institutions globally, and LodeStar Ecosystems, a fintech startup behind LodeBot, an AI-powered, personal digital assistant for brokers, traders and asset managers, have established a formal partnership to further improve the productivity and workflow for buy and sell side teams. The partnership helps sales and trading teams integrate their clients’ enterprise data sets across all applications on the financial desktop and apply real-time business intelligence to identify actionable opportunities.

“Information overload is just the start of the problem,” says Alan Clark, CEO, LodeStar Ecosystems. “We’re dealing with a broken knowledge chain. Market professionals struggle to make sense of siloed information as a result of systems that can’t communicate. By breaking these silos and automating business intelligence across the financial desktop, we can greatly simplify the trading workflow.”
“Especially during extreme market volatility, this approach helps improve performance and productivity and significantly lowers risk – regardless of the available screen real estate,” Alan continued.

LodeBot pulls and analyses all teams’ and their clients’ information, like orders, research and news and then proactively generates stories and suggestions about those assets for specific clients, identifying patterns and filtering out the noise. In turn, the Glue42 integration platform makes sure that the data between all applications – such as OMS, CRM, data systems, analytics platforms and more – flows seamlessly, and helps build consolidated application workspaces where unnecessary navigation and copy/paste is eliminated.

“Financial institutions are committed to becoming data-driven enterprises through digital transformation, but they have a serious challenge with the growing technology stack. Success requires finding ways to continually leverage the valuable business knowledge and insight while laying the foundations for agility and flexibility going forward,” says James Wooster, COO, Glue42. “This partnership is a logical step for us in our pursuit to help financial organisations deliver next-generation trading platforms that increase the speed and quality of execution, maximise internalisation, and better exploit market knowledge.”

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