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Hatteras Funds renames multi-strategy fund Hatteras Core Alternatives Fund

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Hatteras Funds, a boutique alternative investment specialist providing alternative investment solutions for financial advisors and their clients, has renamed the Hatteras Multi-Strategy Fund as the Hatteras Core Alternatives Fund. The Fund’s strategies, objectives and management will not change.

Renaming the fund further distinguishes and better articulates the Hatteras Core Alternatives Fund from other multi-strategy funds of funds. Managed in partnership with Morgan Creek Capital Management, the core alternative investment solution allocates to both hedged strategies and private investments in a single investment vehicle, making it unique in the industry.

"As the alternative investing landscape evolves, renaming the Hatteras Multi-Strategy Fund the Hatteras Core Alternatives Fund provides greater clarity for investment advisors and their clients about the Fund’s investment strategies, allocations and the role the Fund plays in a portfolio," says David B Perkins (pictured), Hatteras Funds Founder and Chairman. "Thousands of funds currently fall under the multi-strategy umbrella, but the Hatteras Core Alternatives Fund is the only all alternatives, multi-strategy fund of funds combining hedged strategies with a mature, seasoned private investments portfolio. With 75 per cent of our Fund’s assets allocated to hedged strategies and 25 percent allocated to private investments, ours is truly a core alternative investment solution for qualified clients in both name and investment strategy."

The Fund was launched in 2004 to serve as a complement to a traditional portfolio of bonds, stocks and cash and was designed after the university endowment’s alternative investment portfolio. The Fund allocates to four hedged strategies including Opportunistic Equity, Enhanced Fixed Income, Absolute Return and Tactical Trading. Additionally, the Fund allocates to private investment strategies diversified across seven vintage years. By providing institutional-quality portfolios in a registered fund, investors gain access to strategies and managers that would normally be inaccessible due to high investment minimums and/or capacity constraints.
"The renaming to Hatteras Core Alternatives Fund does not alter our unwavering commitment to advisors whose clients are looking for sophisticated alternative investment solutions," says Perkins. "This is simply a better representation of the role this Fund could play in an Advisor’s portfolio allocation."

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