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Hedgeweek-PerTrac Webinar – Fund allocation challenges in turbulent times – available to download

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Last month’s popular Hedgeweek-PerTrac webinar – Fund allocation challenges in turbulent times: Are alternatives the answer? – which was hosted by Hedgeweek managing editor Simon Gray and examined some of the issues currently facing fund allocators and the options open to them, is now available to download in full.

Issues covered include whether it is time to rethink allocation approaches in order to gain more exposure to alternative strategies, whether through traditional offshore funds and managed accounts, or through more highly-regulated retail investment vehicles structured as Ucits in Europe and mutual funds in the US? And whether the moment has come when some of the so-called emerging should be acknowledged as moving into the mainstream and receive allocations to match?

Please click here to order a free download of the full webinar.

Click here to see a text transcript.

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