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iMeta launches new roles and relationship manager capability

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iMeta, a supplier of Client Lifecycle and Master Data Management software, has extended its Legal Entity Data Management capability to include Roles and Relationship Manager (RRM).

iMeta RRM aims to enhance a financial firm’s ability to manage their complex third-party relationships across the enterprise. It was created as a direct response to growing user demand for complete data transparency on their clients and the differing trading/business relationships they have with them. iMeta RRM also facilitates risk and operational maintenance across the enterprise.
The new visualisation layer means all firms can now consolidate and view multiple customer relationship data sources, which typically reside within enterprise level and/or local silos, across disparate systems and geographies. iMeta RRM is available as part of the iMeta Client Lifecycle Management solution (CLM) or as a standalone product.
For the first time, firms can obtain a detailed view of the make-up of each business relationship. iMeta RRM accurately maps each client scenario; providing links by department, branch, agent account or sub-account with the products they are trading with every counterpart or client. It also incorporates relationships with external organisations, and holds multiple internal and external identifiers; allowing mapping of global firms’ reference IDs to LEIs for example.
As well as being an integral part of the iMeta CLM offering, iMeta RRM is system agnostic and can be easily integrated with any existing client lifecycle management implementation being used for data origination. This unique capability enables users to very quickly achieve an end-to-end overview of all client relationships across the entire enterprise; enabling business decisions to be made based on complete, validated customer data, irrespective of the source or jurisdiction.
George Collier, Global Sales Director, iMeta, says: “One of the biggest challenges all financial firms need to overcome is the inability to consolidate and effectively analyse the huge amounts of customer data they hold. With iMeta RRM, firms can now quickly, and almost seamlessly, consolidate disparate data sources to produce a single view of each customer; providing much deeper insight into the many complex business relationships they are responsible for. Understanding the precise nature of each bank/client engagement significantly improves a firm’s ability to pinpoint high risk areas relating to KYC or AML infringements; preventing internal client management conflicts and enabling the rapid exiting of potentially damaging or untenable business relationships.
“The iMeta RRM system is also invaluable in helping to accelerate new business development opportunities, particularly where a firm has many, diverse customer engagements spread across various business functions which are typically managed by different departments or teams located across multiple geographies.”
Tom Griffiths, Associate Director at Lysis Financial, says: “The iMeta RRM solution offers an innovative platform for financial institutions to improve visibility in relation to business development opportunities. iMeta RRM also provides an important step forward in addressing personal accountability under the Senior Managers Certification Regime. The deep insight iMeta RRM provides to collate a single view of a customer will enable individuals who hold personal accountability to reduce risk of non-compliance as firms will be able to understand the exact profile of their complex relationships far better.”
Ben Marsh (pictured), CEO at iMeta, says: “The launch of iMeta RRM is a further demonstration of the flexibility of our technology – where we are able to rapidly create and deliver innovative solutions designed to meet the precise needs of our clients. We worked very closely with an existing customer to develop this capability and are very excited about the many advantages it is delivering.
“Managing complex party agreements is no easy task and we believe this unique product will streamline the entire process; enabling users to quickly achieve their improved risk and operational efficiency goals; providing enhanced business decision making capabilities and delivering a significantly improved customer experience. One of the things that sets iMeta apart is, that unlike our competition, we provide our clients with choices; as they can either purchase iMeta RRM as a completely stand-alone solution, or it can be provided as part of the iMeta CLM Platform.”

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