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IOWArocks launches global marketplace for data, tech, and services

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IOWArocks, a global marketplace for data, tech, and services, has launched a new, single destination website under the IOWArocks umbrella brand showcasing: IOWAdata, the global data marketplace; IOWAtech for advanced technology solutions and IOWAserv for consultancy services to support the growing data community. 

Additionally, MDX Technology (MDXT), which powers the IOWArocks global data marketplace, has been renamed IOWAtech, with its established Connect product suite continuing to support new and existing customers. 

The new IOWArocks website is a single access, highly disruptive capability which now serves its entire user community. These include: Data consumers looking to streamline business operations and achieve substantially reduced data acquisition costs; Data providers who will benefit from the ability to further maximise the value of their data, through unrivalled exposure to a global and diverse range of customers and new revenue streams and ecosystem partners providing complimentary data solutions and services. 

Paul Watmough, IOWArocks CEO & Co-Founder says: “Retiring the MDXT brand, which has served us so well for over ten years was not an easy decision but working in an industry on a mission to transform aged business operations, we believe the new IOWAtech identity is a relevant, more modern representation of the technology solutions and services we are delivering today. For our long-standing technology customers, it’s business as usual only better, as we continue to invest significant development resources to ensure the Connect solutions portfolio will support their needs both now and in the future. This approach also enables the entire IOWArocks user community to transact business in complete confidence, safe in the knowledge the marketplace is underpinned by the most trusted and advanced technology available.”

IOWAtech, the new home for Connect the industry-leading data distribution suite, which powers the IOWAdata global marketplace, will continue to be available to purchase as stand-alone solutions. It incorporates a comprehensive suite of products including Cash Generator for data sales & monetisation, Collaboration for data sharing both internally and/or externally, Compliance for regulatory reporting, Cost savings on market data and Connectivity for application developers to flexibly subscribe, share and publish data. IOWAtech’s Connect solutions are used by almost 50 of the world’s leading financial institutions, including international banks, brokers, energy and commodities firms, hedge funds and trading venues.

Watmough adds: “Consolidating everything under a single brand has firmly established our position as the definitive global marketplace for data, tech, and services, made possible by the power of Connect, our real-time data distribution platform provided by IOWAtech. With cost-saving, new business development and the drive to embrace innovation high on everyone’s agenda, this important sector can no longer afford to be held to ransom by the burden of costly, proprietary terminals, outdated working practices and legacy infrastructures. Based on consistent market feedback, it’s clear we are in the eye of a storm in terms of change, evidenced by the growing number of enquiries we are receiving from both data providers and data consumers worldwide. IOWArocks is leading the business transformation charge by providing streamlined, highly cost-efficient access to a modern, transparent, and technically advanced global marketplace for data, tech, and services, providing everyone freedom of choice, at the right price point. This is just the start, so watch this space for more exciting news on our rapidly expanding global marketplace.”

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