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Jarvis & Mackenzie launches commodity investment fund

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Jarvis & Mackenzie has launched a commodity investment fund, the J&M CIF, which aims to offer high net worth investors portfolio diversification in the commodities arena.

The J&M CIF comprises of an index of commodities which represent an unleveraged, long-only investment in a basket of commodity futures.

The fund offers clients direct access and exposure to the main five commodity sectors: energy, precious metals, industrial metals, livestock and agriculture. It will have a pre-determined proportional holding in a range of commodities traded within each of these sectors.

“The funds versatility and adaptability is phenomenal and it has been proven that this type of commodity spread exposure is the only way to achieve incremental returns” says Sean Phillips, senior analyst at Jarvis & Mackenzie.

“Commodities have always possessed a number of unique properties, including the investor friendly supply-demand fundamentals that have made them an attractive alternative investment opportunity,” adds Lucas Green, senior portfolio manager of Jarvis & Mackenzie.

It is intended that the fund will soon be available to all of Jarvis & Mackenzie’s clients, regardless of their investment status.

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