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JFD Group opens new French office

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Just Fair & Direct (JFD) Group, a provider of electronic trading, prime brokerage and wealth management solutions, has opened an additional international office in Sophia-Antipolis, France.

“Since its inception, JFD has secured a predominant position in Europe, notably across French and German-speaking markets”, says Cyril Tabet, Partner & CEO of JFD Group. “With this new office, we establish a presence in the heart of the largest European technology center to further enhance our state-of-the-art, cost-effective and risk-balanced algorithmic trading solutions powered by JFD Wealth, while moving closer to our European distributors and customers providing them with increased levels of support”.
JFD’s core strength notably resides in its ability to conduct a brokerage activity providing DMA/STP access to 20 FX Tier1 Liquidity providers and over 80 exchanges coupled with an asset management activity. By cutting-off any unwanted brokerage intermediaries, hence sourcing direct brokerage revenues from its proprietary asset management activity, JFD Wealth eliminates the need of incurring any entry, exit, performance and management fees which significantly increases its overall retail investors’ net annual returns.
In addition, based on a true win/win relationship and contrary to most online retail brokers, JFD operates the only large scale 100 per cent Agency (Matched Principal) business model in the industry, offering a complete solution suite providing direct access to the main financial markets as well as to world-class investment products within a 100% client-centric environment, ie with any possible conflict of interest.
Tabet says: “In today’s turmoil, while a majority of historical financial institutions are increasingly experiencing regulatory pressures and client disengagements, adopting a transparent, disruptive and democratic WIN (broker) + WIN (liquidity providers) + WIN (investors) does make a lot of sense.
“While retail investors are becoming more sophisticated and/or demanding, their access to world-class services and products remains extremely limited, if not strictly cut-off. Retail high street banks excel at imprisoning their clients within closed architectures composed of sub-optimal investment products. Reflecting the company’s Just Fair and Direct core values, and leveraging from the latest business and technology transformations, this unique model allows JFD to address sophisticated active and passive retail investors, irrespective of their trading volumes or investment capacities, with a non-discriminatory, cost effective and risk-averse access to the financial markets through an array of products and services typically reserved to the Private Banking and Hedge Fund elite client base, a clear retail industry-wide uniqueness”.

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