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KOGER’s fund admin platform now offers end-to-end solution for investor services

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KOGER is now offering a comprehensive end-to-end digital ecosystem for investor services with complete compliance, workflow and document management, and client web portal functionality. 

KOGER is primarily known in the industry for NTAS, its flagship transfer agency system that supports USD2 trillion in assets from hedge funds, private equity funds, pension funds, money market funds, mutual funds and retail funds.
According to Ras Sipko, KOGER’s Chief Operating Officer: “Having specialised in providing innovative software solutions to the investment industry for over 20 years, KOGER has acquired tremendous insight into what the industry requires in order to achieve operational excellence: a comprehensive digital ecosystem that provides automation, a fully digital experience, and real-time integration within our own product suite as well as our clients’ third-party applications. Therefore, we have expanded the scope of our offerings to provide robust and innovative solutions that address the additional challenges the industry presently faces.”
The KOGER product suite is now a comprehensive platform that automates a full range of administrative responsibilities including fund onboarding and offboarding; Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance; ongoing customer due diligence; anti-tax evasion regulatory compliance (FACTA and CRS); Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM); and business process management.
“Our advanced GDPR-compliant platform now includes a regulatory and compliance engine, an open source client web portal, and a workflow and document management solution. It ultimately provides a full-service, end-to-end, real-time digital ecosystem that addresses the broad range of administrative challenges the industry faces while simultaneously providing full operational transparency to all stakeholders,” Sipko says. 
“Even if you are pleased with aspects of the platform you are presently using but require more components to make it complete, our solutions can still be purchased as individual modules that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing suite to create your own comprehensive, end-to-end solution. KOGER is no longer just NTAS,” he says.

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