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Lance Futures redesigns risk management platform

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Lance Futures, a brokerage service provider in Germany, is designing a risk management platform that attempts to provide a greater choice of analytical tools for institutional investors and investment advisers.

The platform will offer access to Lance Futures’ range of hedge funds and managed futures funds.

The following range of analytical tools are provided for investment trading professionals: risk-return appraisal across numerous advanced metrics such higher moments; multi-factor return-based techniques and analysis; portfolio creation and reproduction tools; construction of custom-assessment metrics tools; non-linear portfolio extension tools; managers’ evaluation tools, particularly during undetected market trends; flexible screening filters and split creation tools; and peer group comparison analysis tools.

“The quality of data is given much importance as it is considered crucial issue especially in concluding the assessment of alternative investment tools. During the platform’s deliberation, we see various data discrepancies that are connected to the basic characteristics of hedge funds, remarkably non-transparent and unregulated in nature,” says Donald Clark, president and chief executive.

“We have an alternative investment database that we believe among the most updated, trusted and sophisticated data resources in the industry today. With our new platform designed for equally sophisticated investors, we are hopeful to provide assistance to investors particularly in creating tough investment portfolios employing the most reliable research and data information of Lance Futures.”

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