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Latest Truss Edge software improvements include support for fund managers in lockdown

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Truss Edge, a provider of technology and automation solutions to the global hedge fund and ETF management industry, has made further enhancements to its services to help fund managers whose staff are working remotely.“We continue to follow our roadmap of enhancing features of our software that deliver real improvements in our clients’ operating environment,” says Truss Edge CEO Jay Duffy. “The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has created a demand for new security features for funds that are now seeing their staff working in a much more dispersed manner, and we have addressed some of those needs.”

The enhancements also reflect Truss Edge’s ongoing support for the reporting requirements of family offices.
As clients continue to work from home, Truss Edge has begun supporting them with enhanced cyber-security through the utilities provided to authenticate users on the platform. Typically, MFA means to authenticate with at least two “factors” – what a user knows (like a password) and what they have (such as a device). 

“In the past we relied primarily on the work environment to support MFA but working away from the office requires a more flexible approach,” says Duffy. “We have implemented enhanced MFA so that the user can provide a critical second factor without relying on being at the office and tied to the office’s equipment and environment.”

This standard improves the level of assurance for fund managers that only the appropriate persons are accessing and processing their data. In a world where the team is not physically located in an office, this is a necessary surety.

Moving data seamlessly is a critical feature of the Truss Edge platform, referred to as straight through processing (STP). Our business analysts are equipped with the tools they need to deliver effective STP integration. Truss Edge has added to what is available in these utilities in a number of areas: allowing formulas to be accessed and re-referenced makes it easier to create data imports; file naming conventions on exports have been enhanced; and tax data can now also be delivered via exports.
Understanding accurate cash positions is essential to portfolio management. Following on from last month’s release, we have further enhanced cash reconciliation with logic that improves matching for groups of cash transactions, the ability to link cash entries to trades, improved filtering of matches, refining the tolerance on matching, and additional exception reporting.
As part of the implementation of the new menu system last quarter with a user-defined functional access environment, Truss Edge has now migrated from its earlier menu tree driven authorisation to a functional one. This harmonises the company administrator’s process of granting user authorisations.

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