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Lime Brokerage and Vela Trading Technologies integrate products

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Lime Brokerage and Vela Trading Technologies, a provider of trading and market data technology, have integrated Lime’s Strategy Studio, its software solution for streamlined strategy research and deployment, with Vela's low latency direct feed handlers.

The combined products enable clients to benefit from Strategy Studio's application programming interface (API) and strategy management user interface, while accessing Vela's broad set of over 250 global direct feeds supporting all major asset classes.  
Lime’s Strategy Studio facilitates single stream strategy development, allowing clients to use a consistent code base for back testing, simulating from live market data, and trading in production. With real time performance tracking and rich state management for market data and order placement, the product helps trading firms focus their development efforts on just the logic of their strategies.   
Vela delivers a software-based direct feed handler solution enabling flexible, low-latency direct access to market data feeds through a single API. Vela provides fast, normalised market data, including level 1 and full depth of book as applicable, covering a range of market data feeds, across multiple asset classes in multiple regions, including equities, foreign exchange, fixed income, commodities and derivatives instruments. The normalised data includes trades, security status, product information, imbalance, and market orders in auctions.  
"We are happy to be working closely with Vela on supporting the integrated products. With Vela's comprehensive coverage, flexible deployment options, and high level of configurability, we are able to minimise redundant market data handling between our products, creating a highly-performant solution with global flexibility," says David Don (pictured), head of quantitative, execution and risk products at Lime.  
Jennifer Nayar, CEO of Vela, says: “This alliance with Lime demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering value-added products and services that bring efficiency to trading infrastructures. By integrating our direct feed handler software with Lime’s Strategy Studio, our mutual clients benefit from our enhanced low latency coverage and Lime’s sophisticated exchange simulator to allow for the rapid development of algo strategies. We look forward to working with the Lime team to deliver an integrated and cost-effective offering to service our growing global client base.”  
Vela and Lime are also working on integrating Strategy Studio with Vela's market gateway libraries. With this in place, clients will have a fully in-process end-to-end tick-to-trade technology stack with broad market support.

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