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Link Fund Solutions rebrands Odey AM and Brook AM funds

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Link Fund Solutions has completed the rebranding of three Odey AM and Brook AM funds with LF Odey Opus becoming LF Lancaster Global Equity, LF Brook Continental European renamed as LF Ardtur Continental European, and LF Brook Absolute Return as Lancaster Absolute Return, according to a report by InvestmentWeek

The investment manager for the LF Ardtur fund is now SW Mitchell Capital, while Lancaster Investment Management will manage the other two funds, following the completion of their transfers.

The report quotes a statement on the LFS website as saying: “With effect from 15 September 2023, Link Fund Solutions changed the investment manager for certain funds from Odey Asset Management to SW Mitchell Capital and Lancaster Investment Management. As a result of the change of investment manager, the names of the respective company and sub-fund names also changed.”

Charges for the funds have remained virtually unchanged following the transfers and change in investment managers.

SW Mitchell has also rebranded the Brook European Focus and Odey Pan European funds to Ardtur European Focus and Ardtur Pan European, according to its website, with Oliver Kenton remaining the manager of all three, after moving across to the company from Odey AM to Brook AM.

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