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Liquidnet launches Liquidnet 5

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Institutional trading network Liquidnet has launched Liquidnet 5, delivering to the buyside a diverse sources of safe and actionable liquidity alongsides analytics and advanced execution tools. 

By integrating its commission management and payment suite, Liquidnet 5 also eliminates the obstacles and conflicts that affect best execution.

Developed in collaboration with Liquidnet’s global community of nearly 800 asset managers, the platform allows its Members to streamline and automate workflows and more efficiently manage their commission wallet. Liquidnet will be rolling out additional functionality including point-of-trade analytics that will provide traders with guidance on optimal trading strategies. All of these features have been designed specifically to enhance performance.

“We are in constant dialogue with our Members and we hear first-hand about their changing roles, their need to understand the evolving market structure, and their frustrations and impediments to achieving best execution. Traders have become burdened with understanding and evaluating new technologies, venues, and algorithms and now they must manage more administrative responsibilities that don’t necessarily add value to the trading process,” says Seth Merrin, Founder and CEO of Liquidnet. “With the launch of Liquidnet 5, we have reimagined how we could bring new efficiencies to the trading process through technology, adding value to every trading decision, and eliminating unnecessary administrative burdens.”

Liquidnet 5 Key Features:

• Safety, Quality & Depth of Liquidity: Traders can efficiently control access to one of the world’s deepest pools of natural, institutional liquidity. In addition, Members also control their access to other sources of safe and actionable liquidity from public and private companies, pre-approved brokers and exchanges.

• Transparency and Control: Customizable to accommodate individual workflows and trading styles, Members have complete control over their trading experience and how their data is used. In addition, Members can access new features and functionality quickly and automatically without waiting for manual installations.

• Customization & Agility: With an array of execution tools, traders can achieve superior performance by automating workflows, applying a range of execution strategies, and managing and monitoring multiple algo orders all at once while also executing in the block pool.

• Data and analytics integrated at point-of-trade: Traders will have access to embedded analytics that will help inform and support pre-trade decision making and post-trade evaluation in order to ensure best execution objectives.

• Ultimate commission management: The fully integrated and flexible global commission management solution helps traders reduce the amount of time spent managing, paying, and reconciling bills so that more time can be spent maintaining top execution performance.

“Liquidnet 5 is our solution to helping traders optimally do their jobs by using technology to better address today’s challenges. This is about setting up traders and institutions to achieve best execution on every order, by giving them information when they need it and ultimately putting control back into their hands,” says Merrin.

More than 250 Members are already using the platform. The rollout to Liquidnet’s full network is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

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