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Lyxor’s Expert Opinions: A new world order for hedge fund investing – October 2014

While there has been both confusion and frustration with the implementation of the AIFM Directive, Lyxor Asset Management believes the Directive holds out new opportunities for hedge fund investing and managed accounts alike.​

Our view of the Directive is positive. Having a dedicated regulatory framework for alternative funds which focuses on investor protection is a very good thing for the hedge fund industry in general.

 It will open up many opportunities, making Europe an attractive jurisdiction for both investors and fund managers. The European industry will see many hedge funds coming onshore.

AIFMD will eventually bring greater protection and security for investors, while providing access to the full range of hedge fund strategies and solutions.

Hear our latest insights on the AIFM Directive, presented by Christophe Baurand, Head of Alternative Investments.  


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