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Malta and the AIFMD – Last chance to register to see MFSA Chairman Joseph Bannister give keynote address at one-off event in London

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It's just one day now until London-based investment managers still trying to get their heads around the various machinations of the AIFMD, can get expert insight into the benefits of setting up an EU-regulated fund in Malta.

On 11 June 2015, the Malta Business Network is hosting a special event at Malta House in Piccadilly, home of the Maltese High Commission, featuring a keynote address by Professor Joseph Bannister, Chairman of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), the island’s financial regulator. 

To register, please click here

The event commences at 6pm and is only available to investment managers. Spaces are limited to 40 to 50 attendees and, most important of all, the event is free to attend. 

This is a perfect opportunity for managers, especially start-ups who are still in the process of getting up-and-running, to get precise insights from a select cast of high-profile experts. 

Norman Hamilton, the High Commissioner of Malta, will open the event, with Derek Adler, ACSI, a director and founder member of International Financial Administration Group (‘ifina’) – which provides turnkey fund services to managers via its Primary European Fund SICAV – providing introductions. In addition to Professor Bannister, speakers include:

  • Daniele Cop of Sparkasse Bank Malta plc, &
  • Alessandro Ciravegna of New College Capital Ltd

Cop will cover some of the key custodial-related issues under AIFMD, whilst Ciravegna will proffer his insights into why he chose Malta and what his experience has been as a day-to-day investment manager.

Wrapping up the speeches will be Joseph Zammit Tabona, Special Envoy to the Prime Minister. Tabona was the former High Commissioner. 

“This event is a great opportunity for managers to connect in a private, informal setting with a number of high-profile people,” says Adler. “There are a lot of new rules and regulations that managers face today, not least with respect to AIFMD. 

“For quite some time there has been a lot of confusion, a lot of uncertainty. What we are trying to do with this event is give managers, in particular those based in London, an opportunity to learn about what can and can’t be done, not just under AIFMD, but what specifically Malta can offer as a well-regulated fund jurisdiction to accommodate the AIFMD’s rules and regulations.” 

The event, ostensibly, is aimed at start-ups and managers with less than EUR200 million in AUM, although the more established managers are also welcome; even though some will likely already have funds registered in Dublin or Luxembourg. 

“The event will give managers the opportunity to get real, practical insights into establishing Maltese regulated funds. The speeches in total will only last 45 minutes. There will then be an opportunity to network afterwards and pose any follow-up questions one-on-one to the speakers. We want to make the event as educational and helpful as possible,” says Adler, adding: 

“The event is also being filmed and Professor Bannister’s slides will be made available to all attendees. There will be a pack that we make available post the event.”

Anyone who is yet to decide on where best to establish their EU fund(s) is encouraged to come along and who knows, if the sun is shining, there will be the added incentive of enjoying drinks on the rooftop terrace!

“There are lots of money managers out there doing funds in lots of different jurisdictions. If you are EU-based, you’ve got to consider a European jurisdiction. 
“What we are doing with this event is saying, ‘Have you considered Malta? Here’s the information you need’. Even if you’ve never set up a fund, and you are still getting your business off the ground, Malta is a great place to go,” concludes Adler. 

Introductions and speeches will commence at 6.30pm through till 7.30pm. The event will finish at 9.00pm. 

To register, please click here

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