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MarketRiders launches all-ETF energy hedge portfolio

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Aimed at investors who want to profit from and have a portfolio hedge from rising energy prices, MarketRiders ( is offering its own all-Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) energy hedge fund.


The MarketRiders Energy Hedge Portfolio ( ) provides greater diversity to the energy sector for about .5% versus the average 1.5% for energy mutual funds like Blackrock Energy & Resources and Invesco Energy.

MarketRiders built this portfolio as a template in its web-based portfolio manager, so anyone who wants to allocate some investment dollars to take advantage of the run up in oil prices can do so.

"Most investors have no business picking specific energy sector company stocks. Buying the ETFs in our Energy Hedge Portfolio is the best way to invest in the whole gamut of energy," says Mitch Tuchman, CEO. "The portfolio we recommend is the most logical and low cost way to apportion your investment in this sector and gives you a shot at being the one who wins while the rest of us groan when we fill up our cars every week."

The MarketRiders Energy Hedge Fund includes over 300 stocks that are impacted by the price of oil and gas including the huge oil and gas companies, exploration and production companies, and service companies which provide drilling services and project management. Pipeline companies which transport crude and other petroleum products, gas and electric utilities provide a bond-like dividend for the portfolio. To make sure all investors profit from alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and even Tesla cars, the fund includes exposure to these companies. The energy portfolio uses a sophisticated percentage allocation for each "energy asset class" and uses ETFs which have been vetted to ensure what companies they track and the fees that are charged. The portfolio and investment instructions can be found on the MarketRiders site. MarketRiders software is used to both build the portfolio, and most important, to keep it in balance over time as the energy sub-sectors ebb and flow.

"This energy hedge fund, though it focuses on only one volatile segment, follows basic asset allocation principles used by the most elite institutions and wealthy families," Tuchman notes. "We keep the fund diversified and spread out the investment risk among six different energy asset classes which is essential for all the portfolios we recommend."

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