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Mediatrix Capital Fund launches as Bloomberg-listed hedge fund

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Mediatrix Capital Fund has launched as a Bloomberg-listed closed-end hedge fund administered by Sterling Fund Services, audited by KPMG, and domiciled in the Bahamas. 

Parent company Mediatrix Capital will raise USD1 billion in investments into the new Mediatrix Capital Fund.
The primary focus of the fund is to trade the FX spot and complex OTC FX options strategies, through the Forex markets and trading mostly G-7 currencies, including the US, Japan, European Union, UK and Canada. Currently, the fund trades primarily in the off exchange OTC FX spot/options for currencies spot gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
Mediatrix Capital, adviser to the Mediatrix Capital Fund, is a Belize-registered international business corporation that provides advisory services to accredited and qualified investors. The firm also offers private structured products that trade the forex, spot and OTC options markets via separately managed accounts.
"Our intent is to achieve consistent and above average returns for our investors through trading and speculation in FX spot, OTC FX options and spot currencies, and gold, silver, platinum and palladium trading. Our team has deep-seated experience and knowledge of the fundamental and technical factors affecting various markets and understands how to identify optimal trading opportunities through the use of sophisticated trading systems utilising algorithms and artificial intelligence," says Mediatrix Capital Fund founder and chief executive Michael S Young (pictured).
The new fund's investment approach will use proprietary algorithms and a short-term spot FX currency correlation methodology to generate an exceptional track record and investors will benefit from full transparency and short-term client liquidity.
Mediatrix Capital Fund is accepting qualified investors globally, both institutional and individual.

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