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MutualHedge Frontier Legends Fund adds Berkeley Quantitative Trading Company to portfolio

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Equinox Fund Management has added the commodity trading advisor, or CTA Program, Berkeley Quantitative Trading Company – Performance Program, LLC (BQ) to the investments held by the subsidiary of MutualHedge Frontier Legends Fund. MutualHedge is a mutual fund providing investors with exposure to an actively managed portfolio of multiple managed futures investments. MutualHedge has two classes of shares, which trade under symbols MHFAX and MHFCX.

Equinox selected Berkeley Quantitative for inclusion in MutualHedge because of BQ’s trading methodology and low correlation to trend-following strategies. Berkeley Quantitative uses multiple models in its quantitative, systematic trading approach; its strategy seeks profits by identifying and exploiting short-lived market inefficiencies. BQ currently trades 45 liquid, exchange-traded futures markets across the US, Europe, and Asia.

Headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut, Berkeley Quantitative is led by Dr Elwyn Berlekamp, a leader in the fields of information theory, game theory, and financial mathematics. A long-time Professor of Mathematics at UC-Berkeley, Dr Berlekamp is most recognized in asset management for his role as CEO and principal shareholder of Axcom, Ltd, the original trading advisor to Renaissance Technologies’ Medallion Fund.  Dr Berlekamp founded BQ in 2007, and is joined by world-renowned researchers in mathematics, information science, engineering and cryptography.

Bob Enck (pictured), President and CEO of Equinox, stressed the advantage and importance of active management in refining the MutualHedge portfolio. "Equinox has deep experience in discovering, evaluating and allocating to CTAs. Rich Bornhoft and his team’s selection of Berkeley Quantitative further diversify the MutualHedge Frontier Legends Fund portfolio and highlights his team’s skill in discovering what we believe are the premier CTAs."

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