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Nasdaq’s adds fundamental crypto rating and price forecasting data to Quandl

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Nasdaq has partnered with Blockchain Investments & Co, a thesis-driven crypto investment management fund and data provider, to add descriptive, rating, correlation, forecasting and sentiment crypto asset data to Quandl, Nasdaq’s institutional data platform.

The new data products are aimed at providing institutional investors with greater insights, to make better and more informed decisions and boost their confidence in understanding and investing in this upcoming asset class. Nasdaq’s Quandl platform will source the qualitative and quantitative data from Blockchain Investments & Co, enabling a wide variety of in-depth crypto asset data to support purposes such as research, investment and regulatory, amongst others.
Blockchain Investments & Co was founded by a former employee of the European Central Bank (ECB) and is a member of INATBA, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications, launched by the European Commission in April, 2019. The company distinguishes itself by taking an in-depth, high-quality, knowledge based approach on the financial aspects & technological fundamentals of crypto and digital assets.
Quandl delivers financial, economic and alternative datasets to over 400,000 users, which include analysts, traders and portfolio managers worldwide. Subscribers will be able to access Blockchain Investments & Co. data in various ways, including via the Quandl API and through tools for Excel, R and Python. This access allows Quandl users deeper insight into the crypto asset landscape.
“We are honoured and delighted to collaborate with Nasdaq on both qualitative and quantitative granular information regarding crypto and digital assets. Bringing knowledge and understanding to this sector is vital for further improving and building the digital economy and will remain relevant for years to come,” says Alfred Prevoo, founder and CEO of Blockchain Investments & Co.
Nasdaq’s Quandl provides institutional investors such as hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks with financial, economic and other datasets.
“Quandl’s global large client base, including investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds, and highly flexible platform make them a great institution for us to collaborate with,” says Prevoo. “We are proud to play a contributing role in providing market solutions to our industry, and that includes giving people the information they need to research and invest in crypto and digital assets.”

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