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Neuberger Berman unveils Uncorrelated Strategies Fund

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Neuberger Berman has extended its range of alternative solutions with the launch of the Neuberger Berman Uncorrelated Strategies Fund. The UCITS Fund went live with USD71 million in seed capital from clients in the UK, Switzerland and Scandinavia. 

The fund’s joint goals are to generate positive absolute returns and to focus on strategies expected to be uncorrelated to equities and fixed income, over a market cycle. The investment team, including portfolio manager, Fred Ingham, identifies differentiated strategies such as Global Macro, Equity Market Neutral, Short Term Trading and Trend Following, which have historically generated returns distinct from traditional asset classes as well as demonstrated low correlations to each other, over the long term. 
Fred Ingham says: “Following more than eight years of quantitative easing and limited volatility, financial markets are likely to witness more challenging conditions over the coming quarters. Political agendas and central bank policy are becoming less coordinated going forward, which could drive volatility and dispersion in the equity, fixed income and currency markets.
“This volatility could present challenges for strategies with persistent market beta, while it offers opportunities for less correlated strategies that rely on different ways of making money. Unlike many traditional long-biased strategies, the trading styles selected are agnostic to market direction and have the ability to profit in both rising and falling markets. We believe allocating to uncorrelated strategies is a sensible way to navigate this new investment paradigm and our presence in liquid alternatives and established relationships enable us to gain access to successful managers at attractive fees – while delivering enhanced liquidity, risk control and transparency, as well as corporate governance.”
Dik van Lomwel (pictured), Head of EMEA and Latin America, adds: “Neuberger Berman has built up a wide range of alternative solutions, offering investors strategies to complement traditional portfolio allocations. This new Fund is intended to solve for our clients’ desire for less correlated outcomes and access to alternative strategies at a much lower fee load.”
The Neuberger Berman Uncorrelated Strategies Fund is a sub-fund of the Irish-domiciled UCITS fund umbrella, Neuberger Berman Investment Funds plc. It is registered for sale in the UK and Europe.

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