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New technology underscores PR impact

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Peaks Strategies: Best Public Relations Firm – Technology is playing a greater role in all aspects of the asset management value chain and communications agency Peaks Strategies is focused on introducing new, analytical technologies to help clients better understand the impact and the effectiveness of PR. 

“I want to make sure we’re analytically measuring the real business impact of our work. We have and continue to seek thee technology to help us better understand the return on investment of PR, by measuring the impact our work makes, the visibility it builds for our clients and the engagement it creates – essentially all the activity that helps an investment management business grow,” explains Thomas Walek (pictured), founder and managing partner, Peaks Strategies.

The firm specialises in strategic communications for public and private companies in capital markets, alternative and traditional asset management, corporate, biotech, fintech, and financial and professional services. 

In the current market, two key areas of focus for Peaks Strategies are innovation and the definition of the term ‘alternatives’. Walek notes huge interest in innovative and disruptive parts of the financial markets. “Whether the managers are big, established players doing new and interesting things or whether they’re small emerging and building their whole firm on this, these are the areas the media wants to hear about,” he says.

According to Walek, the industry is witnessing a broader application of the word alternatives. He expands on this concept: “Today, alternatives are not just hedge funds. As an alternatives PR agency, we are now working with clients in ESG, cannabis, biotechnologies, AI & Machine Learning, and even security applications. All of these are based on an openness to and understanding of alternative solutions to real world challenges.” Walek has focused his career in the alternatives sector, beginning as a journalist on the trading floors of the Chicago financial futures exchanges and later pioneering brand-building marketing communications for alternative asset managers when he built his previous firm, Walek & Associates. He sold that firm in 2013. 

In the face of changes in the market, the keystone of the Peaks Strategies business remains its credibility and the credibility of its clients. Walek stresses: “If we are not honest brokers of information, we’ll get nowhere. So, the best practices we uphold have got to be focused on building and maintaining that credibility.”

Peaks Strategies has a strong track record which has led to a solid book of contacts, deep knowledge and broad experience. These, Walek says, are the factors which lead to results for clients in the world of PR: “We build long-term relationships with clients as we work with them to define, differentiate, promote and protect their reputations and brands in today’s demanding marketplace. We put our clients first and measure our performance based on their long-term success.”

He explains that the company needs to continue focusing on finding the right people and managing its growth. “We’re excited about the year ahead, for our sales and for our clients. Managed growth is currently big thing for us. We want to grow but not at any cost; not just for the sake of it,” Walek points out, saying the firm works with clients which are a good fit.

When it comes to technology, Peaks Strategies is embracing new techniques which can help the agency measure and gauge the impact of the results it generates for its clients. Walek says: “I worry about making sure we have access to the right technology to help us do our job at the highest level.”

Thomas Walek
Founder & Managing Partner, Peaks Strategies
Tom Walek works with clients to develop and execute creative, impactful communications. From 1998-2013 Tom was Founder of Walek & Associates, an award-winning independent communications firm known globally for its work in asset management, capital markets, professional and financial services. Tom began his career as a financial journalist on the trading floors of the Chicago futures exchanges. Tom graduated cum laude in Journalism from the University of Colorado/Boulder and attended the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

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