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Oslo Stock Exchange upgrades Oslo Connect

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Oslo Børs, the Oslo Stock Exchange, and Baymarkets Technology AB (Baymarkets), have implemented upgrades to the Baymarkets OTC system, which is used by Oslo Connect, to provide Tailor Made derivatives and reporting OTC derivatives transactions.

The updates support the changing regulatory requirements demanded by MiFID II and MiFIR.
The MiFID II/MIFIR enhancements to Oslo Connect include the introduction of new transaction flags into the GUI functionality, ensuring that all required transaction details are available and in correct format, and additional trade cancellation and amendment processing. The system has also been prepared for the use as Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) reporting tool by Oslo Børs.
In addition to complying with regulatory demands, Baymarkets and Oslo Børs took the opportunity to improve efficiency and customer experience with additional functionality including new trade reporting options.
Peter Fredriksson (pictured), co-founder of Baymarkets Technology AB, says: “The Baymarkets and Oslo Børs teams have worked closely to ensure that the required changes to Oslo Connect have been delivered, tested and implemented before the MiFID II January deadline.” He added” We look forward to continuing to extend the capabilities of Oslo Connect in partnership with Oslo Børs”.
Jesper von Zweigbergk, SVP Derivatives at Oslo Børs, says: “We have been delighted with the responsive and collaborative way that this project has progressed to ensure our compliance with the latest regulations.”  He continued, “Our members and their counterparties can be confident that Oslo Connect will continue to provide a robust solution for TM derivatives trading and OTC derivatives transactions reporting.”

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