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Peregrine Capital forms new company

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Wealth and alternative asset management group Peregrine Holdings has created a new company within the group with the ability to raise capital for selected alternative investment managers that are not necessarily affiliated to the Peregrine group. The unit will focus on sophisticated local and international investors.

“We are thrilled to announce that we now have the ability to engage with non-Peregrine group funds which complement the existing offering and can pass our rigorous due diligence process. This greater scope will give investors further comfort that they are being introduced to managers that, in our view, are best-of-breed," says Leila Kuhlenthal, MD of the new division. The unit’s focus remains on raising capital from the appropriate sources into the appropriate funds/products.

Andre Tonkin (pictured), who joined the unit in April, adds: “Given the actuarial expertise that resides in our team, a more consultative approach with the investor community will be taken. To accurately describe the new focus, we have therefore re-named the unit Peregrine Portfolio Innovation.”

“We look forward to continuing our work with our investors in our new capacity and with our new focus! As always, we thank all our investors for their continued and valued support,” says Kuhlenthal.

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