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Power Spot intraday markets up 15 per cent year-on-year, says EEX

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EEX’s Power Spot segment Intraday markets continued their growth trend in June, increasing by 15 per cent year-on-year to 9.1 TWh. A volume of 874 GWh has been traded in the new Nordic intraday and day-ahead markets (covering Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway) which are now available alongside the EPEX SPOT continental and UK products.

The European Power Derivatives Markets increased by 46 per cent year-on-year, driven by double-digit growth in the German (+57 per cent), French (+55 per cent) and Spanish (+59 per cent) Power Futures and triple-digit growth in Hungarian Power Futures (+120 per cent). Belonging to the smaller yet emerging Power Derivatives markets, the Dutch Power Futures achieved a new monthly record in June at 5.5 TWh (previous record: 4.1 TWh in March 2020).

The recently launched Japanese Power Derivatives products recorded a total volume of 104,520 MWh in its first full month of trading and in doing so, has exceeded the volume achieved on the domestic power futures exchange in Japan. Since launching on 18th May 2020, the number of market participants, both domestically in Japan and internationally, has increased steadily resulting in healthy trading activity throughout the month.

In the European Gas markets, the Austrian hub (CEGH) achieved a new monthly record with 12.2 TWh traded on the Futures segment in June, exceeding the 10 TWh threshold for the first time (previous record: 9.1 TWh in July 2019). For the first time, more than 1.5 TWh was traded in futures on the Spanish PVB hub added to the gas portfolio one year ago, in June 2019.

The US Gas Futures continued their positive development and reached 8.1 TWh in June, exceeding the record from the month before (May 2020: 3.5 TWh).

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