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Powernext publishes French residual mix for 2018

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Following the directives of the Energy and Climate Authority (DGEC), Powernext has published information about renewable energy consumed in France in 2018.

According to its obligation toward the Energy and Climate Authority (Direction Direction Générale de l’Energie et du Climat or DGEC) relative to the tracking of renewable energy, Powernext, as the National Registry for electricity guarantees of origin, is publishing the French residual mix and releasing information about the consumption of renewable energy in France.

108.7 TWh of the 548.6 TWh of electricity produced in France in 2018 originated from renewable sources (63.1 TWh from hydroelectricity, 27.8 TWh from wind, 7.6 TWh from thermal and 10.2 TWh from solar). The share of renewable energy in the production mix amounts to 19.8 per cent in 2018.

The French consumption mix is the production mix adjusted with imports and exports of renewable electricity tracked with a reliable mechanism. The guarantee of origin mechanism ensures a reliable tracking of renewable energy consumed in France and in Europe. During this period, France exported 30.5 TWh and imported 23.4 TWh of renewable electricity through the guarantees of origin.

The French residual mix is the consumption mix from which are removed the guarantees of origin used in France to certify the consumption of renewable energy in the context of green electricity offers. In 2018, 35.1 TWh of renewable electricity were certified with guarantees of origin. The share of renewable energy consumed through standard offers amounts to 13.1 per cent.

The residual mix enables the suppliers to measure the share of all sources in the electricity they receive when it is not accompanied by a guarantee of origin. This is the case when it is purchased via an organised market.

The residual mix calculation was made with data from 1st April 2018 to 31 March 2019. In order to improve the mix calculation consistency throughout Europe, it is recommended that electricity used to satisfy the consumption in green offers of a given Year Y be certified before 31 March of Year Y+1 through the cancellation of relevant guarantees of origin. Cancellations of guarantees of origin after this date c used to certify electricity consumption of Year Y+1.

The French residual mix was calculated by the AIB team, in particular using data provided by Powernext. The AIB is working on the reliability of data provided to power consumers on their consumption mix. The AIB calculates the residual mix from all European countries, from data originating from grid operators and guarantees of origin registries, and ensures their consistency.

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