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Profile Software launches new version of Acumennet real-time treasury solution

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Profile Software, a financial software solutions provider, has released the latest version of Login’s Acumennet, a treasury management solution that is available in the cloud, on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure platforms. 

Acumennet is based on the latest technologies and provides multiple options for deployment which enable interoperability, scalability and costs efficiencies.

Acumennet is a flexible Front-to-Back Treasury Management platform that has been implemented in various countries across the world on a single instance and multi-entity or as Treasury hub with the ability to operate 24×7 being online and in real-time. Having been recently upgraded, the dashboard includes numerous widgets in both graph and tabular formats. The system also supports real-time updates with position checking and alerts, as well as storage and processing of a very large number of transactions without affecting response times.

In addition, the platform integrates with all major core banking systems; whilst it is updated in real-time with deals traded on electronic platforms and rates from major data market providers. Acumennet also supports cryptocurrencies and any related instruments.

Being fully integrated with Numerix, a long-standing partner, Acumennet allows access to an unlimited list of complex deal pricing models, ranging from simple plain vanilla money market and loans to highly structured debt and hedge, in one database, as well as reporting with drill down and regrouping capabilities.

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