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QCM launches UCITS compliant managed futures fund

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UK-based, systematic macro hedge fund manager Quality Capital Management (QCM) has launched the DB Platinum IV QCM GDP Index Fund, a UCITS III compliant fund, which offers daily liquidity, is registered in Luxembourg and is part of Deutsche Bank’s db funds platform. It replicates the investment profile and performance of QCM’s flagship managed futures product, Global Diversified Programme (GDP).

The GDP is a long/short product that trades 115 financial and commodity futures, annualising returns of 15% over the 14 years from inception and 21% for the five years to April 2010. The programme bears negative correlation to equities and low correlation to other major asset classes, including bonds. The QCM GDP UCITS Fund is one of the few current UCITS offerings providing access to a diversified portfolio of financial and commodity futures.

“QCM is delighted to work with Deutsche Bank in launching its first onshore European UCITS fund," says Aref Karim (pictured) Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of QCM. "The fact that our flagship QCM GDP with a 14-year history, carrying an attractive five year return of 21% p.a, can now be offered to a wide community of onshore investors in Europe, is a significant accomplishment of this partnership. QCM is proud to be working with Deutsche Bank on this offering.

"Our singular focus on achieving the strong performance profile of the QCM GDP through a UCITS solution, has led us to work alongside Deutsche Bank to develop this fund structure that operates with minimal tracking error and offers attractive portfolio diversification benefits.

"It is testimony to QCM’s ongoing pursuit of finding solutions within the boundaries of changing regulations and rising to the needs of both our existing and new investors globally.”  

The fund will target institutional investors with a view to market to retail investors in the near future. It will offer Dollar and Euro Share classes. The headline QCM fees for this fund will be management fees of 1% per annum and 20% performance fees. In return, investors enjoy a product with daily liquidity (one business day notice) and a low minimum investment requirement.

“The global futures and forwards markets allow investors the potential to generate returns uncorrelated to traditional asset classes," says Manfred Schraepler, Head of db funds at Deutsche Bank. "We have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with QCM and leveraging the company’s strong historical track record, this is an excellent time to launch this new fund giving investors access to QCM’s flagship Global Diversified Programme strategy in a regulated UCITS III format." 

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