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Quaero Capital expands Family Enterprise Fund in Asia

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Active asset manager Quaero Capital is expanding into Asia with licensed local fund distributor Peak Capital to promote Quaero’s Family Enterprise Fund and other high conviction investment strategies to professional investors in the region.

Quaero Capital is a specialist asset management boutique based in Geneva with offices in London and Paris. Its approach is to ‘hot house’ new and exciting investment strategies, testing them in the market place with a view to generating excess returns over the long term for its investors.
Quaero Capital managers Marc St John Webb and veteran investor Philip Best are well known in Europe thanks to Quaero’s Argonaut fund – one of European’s top performing small cap funds. Now, the two are focusing on the Family Enterprise Fund – a European small to mid-cap fund – which takes advantage of the long-term outperformance of quoted companies that retain a strong family interest, a strategy which is generating investor interest in Asia.
Through Peak Capital, Quaero will also be offering its Yield Opportunities Fund, which has a five-star Morning star rating; a global emerging markets fund run by Robert Lloyd George; and an infrastructure fund run by another veteran British investment manager, Mark Ebert.
Quaero CEO Jean Keller (pictured) says: “We are surprised and delighted with the anecdotal feedback we’ve received following conversations we have had with investors in the region. I’ve known Simon Powell at Peak Capital for many years. With Simon, and his colleague Mike Smith at the helm, I am sure we will meet success in promoting Quaero throughout the region.”
Peak’s Mike Smith says: “Jean and Simon have asked me to take forward the Quaero business in Asia and I’m delighted to be able to do so, particularly given the interest that has been generated by the European team and their family enterprise focus. Not unnaturally, the strategy has tapped into the natural empathy that family offices here in Asia have towards the highly successful and sustainable businesses that families in Europe have developed over many decades.”

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