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Quality Capital Management Launches QCM AFP UCITS Fund

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Quality Capital Management (QCM), a UK-based global systematic macro investment manager, has launched its Alpha Financials Programme on the MontLake UCITS platform, an independent platform for UCITS funds. 

Founded in 1995, QCM has a wealth of experience in managing investments. It has successfully navigated through 20 years of wide-ranging market cycles, dealing also with systemic shocks from abnormal events such as the global credit crisis.  During the period QCM has generated for its investors a cumulative return of 560% in its flagship product.
QCM founder, Aref Karim, formerly spent thirteen years with the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, where he pioneered their first multi-billion dollar alternative investment portfolio, engaging with a wide array of systematic and discretionary investment managers globally. Mr Karim designed the investment policy and the strategies for the Alternative Department and ran the asset allocation process for the portfolio.
QCM offers investors the comfort of a long history with the safety of active corporate governance. Its objective is to increase the value of investor wealth over time. The company provides actively-run and differentiated systematic global macro solutions. The decisions are made and executed using fully systematic and quantitative models, thus avoiding emotional and cognitive biases. Economic logic and intuition drive the QCM model. QCM offers two main programmes: QCM Global Diversified Programme (GDP) that includes financial and commodity futures, and QCM Alpha Financials Programme (AFP) that trades financial futures only. 
The newly launched QCM AFP UCITS Fund will run the firm’s Alpha Financials Programme (‘AFP’).  The AFP has traded live since June 2012 providing investors with a portfolio dedicated to 56 markets covering stocks, bonds and currencies. These asset classes are deep in liquidity, and give the investor a wide reach into the major financial markets of developed global economies including North America, Europe, Far East and Australia. The investment approach is largely directional, focusing on running a fully diversified portfolio of long/short positions in all markets. The portfolio gets adjusted daily looking for the most effective balance of risk and opportunity, targeting overall portfolio volatility at 15%. The investment is highly liquid and due to its active nature it is lowly correlated to traditional asset classes.
The UCITS fund offers daily liquidity and a special entry fee structure for early investors: for the life time of investments made in the first 6 months of launch, QCM will charge no management fee, only an incentive fee of 20%. Institutional and retail share classes are both offered in GBP, USD, EUR and CHF currency denomination. Northern Trust is the Fund Administrator, Societe Generale the Prime Broker, and KPMG the Fund Auditor. 
Aref Karim (pictured), CEO and CIO of QCM, says: “QCM is delighted to have partnered with Montlake Capital in the newly launched AFP UCITS Fund. The AFP, offering the same underlying investment methodology as our flagship GDP, is a strong value-adding diversifier in any portfolio. Participating in major macro themes globally, it offers a unique return generating portfolio-allocation solution that is innovative, robust and free of clutter. QCM’s 20-year history of delivering strong long-term returns stands testimony to our commitment to strive for better solutions for investors.”
Cyril Delamare, CEO of ML Capital, says: “We are very excited that QCM have chosen MontLake for their UCITS launch. A highly diverse futures fund like QCM’s AFP with low cost and high liquidity corresponds well to the needs and desires of investors looking to invest in UCITS compliant funds. We look forward to working with the highly experienced team at QCM, and we firmly believe that their technical expertise and strong 20 year track record offers great potential for the product.”

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