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Quincy Data and McKay Brothers deliver lowest latency between largest US futures exchanges

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Quincy Data and McKay Brothers have connected the largest US futures exchanges at the lowest latency. The new services link the two largest US futures exchanges, which are based in Aurora and Chicago Illinois. 

Quincy Data’s Illinois Metro service currently offers market data in the native exchange format sourced in Aurora and distributed in Chicago. The Quincy Raw Data (QRD) service distributes the raw exchange futures feed for crude, natural gas and the S&P 500 futures. In addition, McKay Brothers offers its bi-directional Prime Bandwidth Service in one hundred megabit per second increments.
“The market between the largest energy futures complexes has consistently been one of the most active in the world,” sas Quincy and McKay co-founder Stephane Tyc. “Our Illinois Metro services give all firms the opportunity to compete on a level playing field for these trades.”
McKay and Quincy’s Illinois Metro services are distinguished by a path that is almost perfectly straight. The service has unprecedented bandwidth capacity significantly reducing buffering during market bursts. McKay’s exclusive license to the 28 GHz band effectively eliminates signal interference, a common issue for incumbent networks operating in this highly congested trading corridor.

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