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Quincy Data redistributes MEMX data at the lowest latency

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Quincy Data, powered by McKay Brothers, has added MEMX market data to its New Jersey Metro Quincy Raw Data (QRD) service.

MEMX data is distributed via QRD at the lowest latency to key US equity trading hubs in Mahwah and Carteret, NJ. Since its launch in 2019, QRD has been adopted by banks, hedge funds and market-makers and has significantly levelled the playing field for ultra-low latency equity exchange market data. 
Quincy Data’s NJ Metro raw data services offer full market data feeds from ten major US equity exchanges. QRD provides stock and ETF market data in native exchange formats. Quincy Data is committed to redistributing market data on a level playing field basis, at the lowest latency, to any interested market participant.

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