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Reducing UK’s national debt for 2014 should be priority, says CISI survey

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Reducing the UK’s national debt should be Chancellor George Osborne’s priority in 2014, according to a survey carried out by the Chartered Institute for Securities Investment (CISI).

Of 490 respondents, some 62 per cent believe that putting the country’s finances into better shape is the number one task for the Chancellor.
Of three other options offered in the online survey, 21 per cent feel that cutting taxes is his most important job, 12 per cent want him to increase public spending generally while five per cent favour more money being invested by the Government in pensions and the NHS.
One contributor commented: “It is essential for the long-term health of the economy to reduce the national debt. This can only happen once the deficit has been eliminated. We are still a long way away from doing that.”
Another said: “It’s time for the UK to move back to being a capitalist economy with small government, low benefits and low taxes.”

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