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Eze Castle Integration: Best Cybersecurity Provider – In today’s remote world, firms now more than ever need to ensure the security of their distributed workforces. The Covid-19 pandemic had a profound impact on global businesses as well as their employees who have had to adapt to new environments and adopt new collaboration methods. 

This rush to the edge of the network has also brought significant security challenges. As a result, firms are taking a closer look at their security postures and investing in technology to not only better secure their organisations but also make employees more productive. 

Commenting on these developments, Steve Schoener, Chief Technology Officer, Eze Castle Integration says: “There has been a general trend in public cloud towards Azure and towards cybersecurity solutions. Our Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Eze Managed SIEM solutions speak heavily towards the remote world and the Covid-19 environment.” 

Schoener continues, “Our solutions are meant to protect people, and to protect them remotely while also better enabling employees to be productive from home. We are seeing organisations upgrade their IT environments with solutions that couple Windows Virtual Desktop with Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 tools to improve the productivity, collaboration, and security of their distributed teams.”

Over the past year, Eze Castle Integration’s ever evolving Eze Managed Cloud and Cybersecurity Solutions have been the primary areas of growth for the business. The Eze Managed Cloud provides clients with the ability to combine security and resiliency with the flexibility delivered via the Microsoft Cloud to gain a solution tailored to their unique business, cost, and application requirements. 

Schoener notes: “In this past year, Eze Castle Integration has experienced strong adoption of our advanced managed security solution, the Eze Cybersecurity Bundle, which provides a programmatic approach to Identifying, Protecting, and Defending against cybersecurity threats. With the Eze Cybersecurity Bundle, we give clients a powerful solution that combines critical layers including 24×7 monitoring and response, threat prevention, security intelligence and security awareness. This managed solution reduces threat response times and dramatically minimises the risk of cyber attacks.”

He also notes the firm expanded its Strategic Advisory Services as well as Digital Service Portfolio to ensure it has the expertise and breadth of solutions to assist clients on their digital transformations.

Although the global pandemic is a significant challenge for all organisations, it is also driving new technology innovation and adoption. “When Covid-19 drove the workforce to a fully remote environment, we smoothly helped our clients transition and maintain business as usual operations. We are now supporting them in their workforce transformation initiatives; many of which are focused on selecting the applications and technology necessary to transform for the future,” remarks Schoener. 

He outlines how client requests have evolved to include enablement support as well as advisory services: “As an example, our clients are looking to more effectively leverage tools that improve collaboration, productivity, and connections – Office 365 is one example. They are relying on us to help with user enablement – showing them how to use Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint as well as deeply incorporate these tools in their day-to-day workflows.”

The firm aims to continue expanding its breadth of services to guide clients on their Cloud, Security and Digital Transformation journeys while delivering outstanding support. Organisations across the financial industry are going to begin or expand their digital transformation journeys and this will present significant opportunities for Eze Castle Integration. 

Steve Schoener
Chief Technology Officer, Eze Castle Integration

Steve Schoener is Chief Technology Officer at Eze Castle Integration. In this role, Steve is responsible for guiding the company’s long-term technology strategy and overseeing operations to achieve new levels of performance, product innovation and organisational synergy on a global scale. Previously Steve held the role of senior vice president, client technology for Eze Castle Integration. Prior to joining the Eze Castle Integration team, Steve was head of IT for DW Investment Management in New York, where he oversaw all technology initiatives for the firm. He was also previously employed by UBS Investment Bank as an associate director and Eze Castle as an associate director of technology in the New York region.

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