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Related Topics, a vendor management hub for institutional investors, asset managers and others, has taken its Pre-trade/Trading Survey live.

Since launching in 2016, has attracted 4,000+ users who can examine and rate service provision across the front, middle and back offices.
The rating activity has already delivered evaluations of 20 service providers, laying the foundations for delivering valuable feedback on their respective strengths and weaknesses.
Institutional investors, asset managers and others are encouraged to complete two simple questionnaires on Pre-trade/Trading in confidence at to qualify for a complimentary report presenting the most impartial and valuable feedback on service provision.
"In today's environment of heightened regulatory and commercial pressures, operational excellence is paramount on a firm's journey to realise its strategic ambitions, mitigate risk, and get the best out of chosen service partners," says co-founder Peter Christmas. "It's imperative to keep a handle on how service providers stack up, drilling down to each key service element, to have the knowledge to recognise your providers' strengths – and to press them to address their areas for improvement. The Service Matrix recognises the fact that asset managers and owners, wealth managers, family offices and broker-dealers are placing increasing reliance on an expanding range of vendors. Whereas this once had an impact largely confined to back office operations, it is increasingly fundamental to supporting the entire business model." puts asset managers, institutional investors and others in command and thereby eliminates the provider bias in conventional surveys, which allow service providers to manipulate the selection of participating clients. Users of Pre-trade/Trading services are asked to engage now by completing the two brief questionnaires by 21 April.

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