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Seven contracts on ICE are significant price discovery contracts

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The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has determined that seven contracts traded on the IntercontinentalExchange perform significant price discovery functions.

As such, the contracts must be traded in compliance with applicable core principles and statutory provisions.

The commission considered a total of 24 contracts traded on three exempt commercial markets: ICE, the Natural Gas Exchange, and the Chicago Climate Exchange.

The commission determined that the other 17 contracts it reviewed were not significant price discovery contracts.

Exempt commercial markets are exempt from the provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act, other than the anti-fraud and anti-manipulation provisions. However, Congress provided a regulatory regime for contracts traded on exempt commercial markets that the commission determines to be significant price discovery contracts comparable to that provided for futures contracts traded on designated contract markets.

Contracts the Commission determined to be significant price discovery contracts include:

• ICE HSC Financial Basis Contract
• ICE Waha Financial Basis Contract
• ICE AECO Financial Basis Contract
• ICE NWP Rockies Financial Basis Contract
• ICE Socal Border Financial Basis Contract
• ICE PG&E Financial Basis Contract and
• ICE Chicago Financial Basis Contract

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